Introduction to WP

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Chapter 1 : Introduction to WP

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Introduction to WP arrow_upward

  • Windows Phone (WP) is an operating system for the mobile devices.
  • Windows Phone was developed by Microsoft.
  • Windows Phone 8 is latest major release of the windows mobile operating system.

  • What is WP Programming? arrow_upward

  • Programming for developing applications on devices, which support WP OS is called as WP Programming.
  • WP programs are written in Visual C#, Visual C++ and Visual Basic (VB) programming languages. All of the applications in WP are developed using the following:
    • Silverlight
    • XNA
    • .NET Compact Framework

    Version of WP Available arrow_upward

  • Windows phone releases with their corresponding OS version

  • Windows Phone Release

    Operating System Version

    Windows Phone 8

    Windows Phone OS 8.0

    Windows Phone 7.5

    Windows Phone OS 7.1

    Windows Phone 7

    Windows Phone OS 7.0

    Application Development Life Cycle of WP arrow_upward

  • WP development tools facilitate close collaboration through the use of Expression Blend and Visual Studio and the emulator offered via the Visual Studio tool.
  • WP .NET provides a common base-class library, it includes support for multithreading, XML, LINQ, collections, events, data, exceptions, input/output (I/O), service model, networking, text, location, security, and diagnostics, among many other features.
  • The below figure demonstrates the lifecycle for application development on the Windows Phone.
  • Expression Blend is a user interface design tool for creating graphical interfaces for web, phone and desktop applications that blend the features using XAML (Extensible application markup language) for UI design.
    • XAML is a declarative XML based language.

    XAML is used extensively in .NET Framework.

    XAML uses a specific way to define look and feel called Template s.

  • WP Emulator:
    • The Virtualized environment in which a developer can debug and test Windows Phone apps without a physical device.

    • The Windows Phone Emulator gives a chance to try programs and discover what they look like when they run.
  • Visual Studio Express for WP:
    • Included with Windows Phone SDK (7/7.1/8.0), which provides free tools for developers to build apps for Windows Phone using .NET, Silverlight and XNA.

    WP Core Applications arrow_upward

  • WP comes with a set of core applications which includes the following things:
    • Email Client
    • SMS Program
    • Calendar
    • Maps
    • Browser
    • Contacts and Others
  • Apart from the core application, user can download an application from the Microsoft marketplace.

  • Media Support arrow_upward

  • Windows Phones provide support for the following media formats:
    • Audio codecs
    • Video codecs
    • Images
  • A supported media format includes:
    • AAC
    • AVI
    • MP3
    • ASF (WMA)
    • MPEG-4
    • ASF
    • JPG
    • PNG
    • GIF

    WP Application Programming arrow_upward

  • Windows Phone applications are based on Silverlight, XNA and .NET Compact Framework.
  • Windows phone programming uses
    • Silverlight for the app development
    • XNA for the game development
  • A Silverlight program is:
    • A mix of code and XAML
    • Silverlight was designed primarily for the rich web applications
  • XNA is a game development environment:
    • XNA supports 2D and 3D games.
    • XNA supports with hardware accelerated graphics.
    • Hardware acceleration is the use of computer hardware to perform some functions faster than is possible in software.

    Advantages of WP arrow_upward

  • Easy to use interface
    • The layout and UI design of windows phone are well thought.
  • WP introduced the concept of hubs.
    • Hubs ensure consolidation of various information like contacts (in one hub).
  • WP adds certain new and innovative features:
    • For example one can view his or her Facebook updates right from their contact lists.
    • Xbox Music + Video+ Games
    • Whole MS office tool
  • And many more interesting & unique features.

  • Limitations of WP arrow_upward

  • Lack of system-wide file manager
    • You cannot easily access files.
    • Images and photos cannot be renamed in the phone.

    WP Architecture arrow_upward

  • In WP, Microsoft provides most of the device driver code.
  • The device manufacturer has to write very little code specific to their device.
  • This is expected to improve the consistency and quality across various devices.
  • WP takes advantage of hardware acceleration through encapsulation layers such as DirectX (collection of application programming interfaces (APIs) for handling tasks related to multimedia) or XNA (a set of free tools and technologies for game developers).
  • Windows Phone utilizes a layered architecture as shown below.
  • Windows Phone 8 replaces its CE-based   architecture (Windows Embedded Compact) used on Windows Phone 7,7.x,8.0 devices with the Windows NT kernel found on many Windows 8 components.
  • WP architecture uses three types of models those are:
    • App model
    • UI model
    • Cloud integration
  • These provide a superior experience to the consumers.
  • WP applications used to manage programming.
    • All managed programs run within the sandbox environment (a security mechanism for separating running programs. It is often used to execute untested code or untrusted programs from unverified source).
    • Sandboxing protects applications and their data.

    WP Framework arrow_upward

  • A detailed Stack of WP framework is shown below:
  • Frameworks can be grouped into three large buckets:
    • Application UI
    • Phone integration
    • Base services, with the OS layer underneath
  • The WP application stack is built on the .NET compact framework 4.0.

  • WP Application Certification arrow_upward

  • Once the application is created, developers need to submit the application to the certification process.
  • In the certification process the application goes through:
    • A series of Validation against the application Installation package validation
    • Content policies
    • Packaging
    • Code
    • Phone feature disclosure
    • Language
    • Images requirements
  • Below figure describes certification process of an app.
  • Windows Phone only runs following applications:
    • That have been approved by Microsoft (via the App certification process) and made available via the Windows Phone Marketplace.
    • That has been pre-installed by Microsoft or the hardware vendor (when shipping the device).
  • Once the application passes the certification process, it will be available to the App Store Marketplace.
  • Consumer can download and install app from the App market place.

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