Debugging WP Programs

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Chapter 8 : Debugging WP Programs

Introduction to Debugging arrow_upward

  • Debugging means removing bugs from programs.
  • Debugging is a methodical process of finding and reducing the number of bugs in a computer program.
    • A bug is unexpected and undesirable behavior by a program.
    • Through debugging we ensure a program to behave as expected.
  • Debuggers are software tools which enable the programmer to monitor the execution of a program.

  • Debugging Programs arrow_upward

  • In Windows Phone development environment it is ease to debug programs.
  • We can debug programs on either the device or the emulator.

  • Emulator arrow_upward

  • Emulation refers to the ability of a computer program to emulate (imitate) another program or device.
  • The Windows Phone emulator gives a chance to try programs and discover what they look like when they run.
  • The emulator works in just the same way as a real phone.

  • Deploying to the Emulator arrow_upward

  • We can deploy programs to the emulator or a real device.
  • Select any one

  • Visual Studio can deploy an application to the Windows Phone emulator.
  • The application will remain there until the emulator is reset.

  • Visual Studio Debugging arrow_upward

  • The debugging features are integrated into the Visual Studio environment.
  • When a program reaches a statement nominated as a breakpoint Visual Studio will pause the program and allow developers to look at the contents of variables inside the code.
  • Developers can add breakpoints to programs running inside the Windows Phone device.

  • Controlling Program Execution arrow_upward

  • Visual Studio maintains contact with the running program in the target device.
  • Developers can issue commands to stop, pause and resume execution and these will directly affect the program.
  • The stop button can be used to stop the program from running.

  • Managing Breakpoints arrow_upward

  • Visual Studio also has a breakpoint window that can be used to see the breakpoints.
  • We can display this window by going to the Debug>Windows menu in Visual Studio and selecting the Breakpoints option.

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