Interview Preparation

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Chapter 3 : Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation arrow_upward

  • Preparation is the key to get success in interviews.

  • Collect Information arrow_upward

  • Research the company you are applying for via:
    • Company website
    • Newspapers
    • Google search
    • Competitors
    • Talk to others
  • Research the Position you are applying for:
    • Know the occupation
  • Learn to sell yourself:
    • Your Skills
    • Your Strengths
    • Your Accomplishments
    • Your Career goals
    • Why you should be hired?

    Psychological Preparation arrow_upward

  • Put yourself in the right frame of mind before the interview.
  • Show self-confidence, be positive.
  • Be prepared to ask and answer questions and provide specific examples.
  • Be prompt and prepared:
    • Arrive 15 minutes early
    • Visit location prior to the interview date
    • Bring extra copies of resume
    • Bring references
    • Remember list of questions for the interviewer

    Dressing Tips for Men arrow_upward

  • If possible, wear a conservative dark suit to the interview (navy, black or gray; avoid brown or sport coats).
  • Belt and shoes should be of same color.
  • Avoid ties with elaborate patterns or too many colors.
  • A wedding ring and/or watch are generally the only jewelry that should be worn.
  • Do wear clean, ironed clothes.
  • Neatly groomed hair and beard/mustache.
  • Polished shoes with socks high enough so that no skin is visible when sitting or crossing legs
  • No visible body piercing tattoos.
  • Do empty pockets – beware of bulging keys and tinkling change.

  • Dressing Tips for Women arrow_upward

  • A professionally tailored suit or dress is preferable (solid: black, gray, navy and brown).
  • Groomed Hands
  • Don't show cleavage
  • Skirts should meet at the top of the knee or longer.
  • Do wear clean, ironed clothes.
  • Make-up should be light.
  • Avoid strong perfumes and scented powders.
  • Polished closed-toe dress shoes
    • Basic medium/low heeled pumps
    • Avoid stilettos or chunky platforms
  • Conservative hair style
  • No visible body piercing, tattoos
  • Do match your purse color with your shoes
    • The purse should also be small and simple.
  • Conservative jewelry coordinated with outfit (no dangles).

  • Body Language arrow_upward

  • Positive body language is extremely important when it comes to successfully completing an interview.
  • To convey your self-confidence, enthusiasm and trustworthiness to the interviewers, encouraging body language is a wonderful medium.
  • First remember to Turn OFF your cell phone (Do not leave it on vibrate).
  • Project a Positive Image:
    • When entering the room, give the appearance of high energy and self-confidence.
    • Learn to SMILE!
    • Shake hands firmly.
    • Maintain eye contact throughout the interview.
    • Sit up straight
    • Make sure you are energetic and enthusiastic.
    • Speak clearly
    • Demonstrate listening skills
    • Avoid folding your arms across your chest.

    What to take to the Interview? arrow_upward

  • Print out of Resume
  • Print out of map
  • Certificates of achievements
  • References
  • Money for parking garage or public transportation
  • Your list of questions for employer.
  • If none of above is here, don’t worry, just bring confidence.

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