Magnet and its Properties

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Chapter 12 : Magnet and its Properties

Magnet arrow_upward

  • A magnet is a material that can exert a noticeable force on other materials without actually contacting them.
  • This force is known as a magnetic force and may either attract or repel.

  • Properties of Magnet arrow_upward

  • Like poles repel, unlike poles attract.
  • Magnetic forces attract only magnetic materials or iron.
  • Magnetic forces act at a distance.
  • While magnetized, temporary magnets act like permanent magnets.
  • A coil of wire with an electric current flowing through it becomes a magnet.
  • Putting iron inside a current-carrying coil increases the strength of the electromagnet.
  • A changing magnetic field induces an electric current in a conductor.
  • A charged particle experiences no magnetic force when moving parallel to a magnetic field.
  • But when it is moving perpendicular to the field it experiences a force perpendicular to both the field and the direction of motion.
  • A current-carrying wire in a perpendicular magnetic field experiences a force in a direction perpendicular to both the wire and the field.
  • Every magnet has at least one North Pole and one South Pole, by convention.
  • We say that the magnetic field lines leave the North end of a magnet and enter the South end of a magnet.
  • If you take a bar magnet and break it into two pieces, each piece will again have a North Pole and a South Pole.
  • If you take one of those pieces and break it into two, each of the smaller pieces will have a North Pole and a South Pole.
  • No matter how small the pieces of the magnet become, each piece will have a North Pole and a South Pole

  • How does Magnet form? arrow_upward

  • Magnets are nothing but a magnetized iron rod.
  • In iron rod all molecules are in opposite direction but when it turns into magnet electron arrange in one direction. That is the reason for polarity.
  • When an external magnetic field is applied, the magnetic fields of the individual domains line up in the direction of the external field

  • Electricity and Magnetism arrow_upward

  • Iron rod magnetize by electric energy, which is then known as Electromagnet.
  • An electromagnet is simply a coil of wires which, when a current is passed through, generate a magnetic field, as below.

  • Force of Magnetism arrow_upward

  • Ferromagnetism - When a ferromagnetic material is placed near a magnet, it will be attracted toward the region of greater magnetic field.
  • If a piece of iron is placed within a strong magnetic field, the domains in line with the field will grow in size as the domains perpendicular to the field will shrink in size

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